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Here is an introduction to this area and some travel information.
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Cool Culture ? Carnival season Fancy dress, parades and traditional dancing will keep even the oldest kids enthralled.
? Football Snag tickets for a game to catch some national spirit.
? Hellenic Children’s Museum An excellent diversion in Athens.
Kids can join in Greek cooking and craft classes.
Planning The shoulder seasons (April/May and September/October) are great times to travel with children because the weather is milder and the crowds thinner.
An excellent way to prepare your kids for their holiday and to encourage an active interest in the destination is by introducing them to some books or DVDs ahead of time.
Lots of younger children enjoy stories of Greek gods and Greek myths while slightly older kids will enjoy movies like Mamma Mia or Lara Croft: Tomb Raider for their Greek settings.
You can also find children’s books about life in Greece that include a few easy phrases that your kids can try out.
If your kids aren’t old enough to walk on their own for long, consider a sturdy carrying backpack; pushchairs (strollers) are a struggle in towns and villages with slippery cobblestones and high pavements.
Nevertheless, if the pushchair is a sturdy, off-road style, with a bit of an extra push you should be OK.
Travel on ferries, buses and trains is free for children under four.
They pay half-fare up to the age of 10 (ferries) or 12 (buses and trains).
Full fares apply otherwise.
On domestic flights, you’ll pay 10% of the adult fare to have a child under two sitting on your knee.
Kids aged two to 12 pay half-fare.
If you plan to hire a car, it’s wise to bring your own car seat or booster seat as many of the smaller local agencies won’t have these.
Fresh milk is available in large towns and tourist areas, but harder to find on smaller islands.
Supermarkets are the best place to look.
Formula is available almost everywhere, as is condensed and heat-treated milk.
Disposable nappies are also available everywhere, although it’s wise to take extra supplies of all of these things to out-of-the-way islands in case of local shortages.
Matt Barrett has been dispensing his knowledge of Greece across the internet for years.
His website Travel Guide to Greece (www.greektravel.com) has lots of useful tips for parents, while his daughter Amarandi has put together some tips for kids at Greece 4 Kids (www.greece4kids.com).
WHAT TO PACK ? Travel highchair (either a deflatable booster seat or a cloth one that attaches to the back of a chair; these are light and easy to pack away) ? Lightweight pop-up cot for babies (if travelling to remote locations) ? Car seats (rental agencies are not always reliable for these, particularly on small islands or with local agencies) ? Plastic cups and cutlery for little ones ? Medicine, inhalers etc along with prescriptions ? Motion sickness medicine and mosquito repellent ? Hats, waterproof sunscreen, sunglasses and water bottles Regions at a Glance If you’re after knockout sites, Crete, the Dodecanese, the Ionians and the Cyclades have atmospheric architecture and ancient ruins that draw crowds.
If you fancy getting active, these same regions offer diving, surfing, rock climbing, hiking and kayaking.
The islands are well set up for tourists and receive plenty in season.
For a beach scene head to Corfu, Mykonos or Kos.
Thankfully, isolated pockets of sandy bliss can be found within almost all of the island groups, but to really escape head to the northeastern Aegean.
Some island groups, including the Dodecanese and Cyclades, have strong transport links that zip you easily from one harbour to the next.
Others, however, such as the northeastern Aegean Islands, require you to take more time and be more intrepid in manoeuvring to and from.
Regions at a Glance Athens & Around Ancient Greece The Acropolis is an experience not to be missed.
But don’t stop there – more ruins are littered around the the capital and surrounding region, from the ancient Agora in the city’s heart to the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion.
Nightlife This city refuses to snooze, with glamorous beachside clubs, intimate rembetika (Greek blues) bars and everything in between.
Museums From the eclectic Benaki Museum to the ultra-modern Acropolis Museum, Athens is a major contributor to the world’s museum scene.
Regardless of your interests, you’re sure to find one to wow you.
Click here Regions at a Glance Saronic Gulf Islands Exploring Diving is magical in these waters, which feature dolphin, sunken pirate ships and underwater caves.
The peaceful interiors of Poros, Hydra and Spetses offer forests and hilltops to explore.
Traditional Buildings Hydra is picture perfect with tiers of traditional buildings sweeping down to the harbour.
Spetses’ Old Harbour shows off traditional boatbuilding, while mansions are scattered across the island.
Museums The museums here are small and relaxed.
See fully restored mansions, eclectic naval collections, gold-crusted ecclesiastic paraphernalia, traditional seafarer’s homes and a museum of sea craft with ca?ques and yachts.
Click here Regions at a Glance Cyclades Sacred Relics The sacred relics of Delos, with their own private island, are one of Greece’s most important sites.
On Santorini, Thira has mosaics and phenomenal views, while atmospheric Akrotiri lets you explore the ruins of an ancient Minoan city.
Local Food Smoked eel and ham, Mykonian prosciutto, soft cheeses and wild mushrooms are gathered locally and fill the menus on Mykonos and Paros.
Complement that with creative, modern takes on traditional food.
Party Scene The nightlife on Mykonos is legendary, sometimes frantic, at other times all gloss and glitter.
Ios’ scene is less swanky but very full on, while Santorini boasts cocktail bars overloooking the caldera.
Click here Regions at a Glance Crete Minoan Sites Splendid Minoan ruins grace the island.
The impressive, restored palace of Knossos is the star, with its famous labyrinth.
Canyons A footpath winds down between the steep canyon walls of Samaria Gorge, Europe’s longest gorge and one of Crete’s most popular attractions.
There are quieter, equally dramatic gorges for trekking and rock climbing and a mountainous interior concealing hermit caves and a ‘haunted’ woodland.
Beaches Crete’s palm-fringed stretches of powder-soft sand spoil you for choice.
Some are celeb haunts, others isolated oases, but all are worth sinking your toes into.
Click here Regions at a Glance Dodecanese Architecture Architectural eye candy galore, with fairytale castles, frescoed Byzantine churches and a walled medieval city.
Find mountain villages hidden from pirates, ancient temple ruins and Italian–inspired harbour towns.
Outdoors World-class rock climbing, kite surfing, beach combing, diving and walking are all here.
Follow ancient footpaths, hike into the caldera of a bubbling volcano or surf the waves.
Italian Influence Traditional Greek cuisine stirred up with an Italian influence equals scrumptious results.
Creative pizzas, pastas, stews and stuffed vegetables, lots of fresh cheeses, honey, wild greens and herbs, seafood and grilled meats.
Click here Regions at a Glance Northeastern Aegean Islands Swimming Dive into the clear water that laps these islands.
You’ll be beckoned by waterfalls, rivers and old-growth forests
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